FAQ About My Canadian Pharmacy Services: All You Need To Know

What should I do if my parcel hasn’t been delivered?

We recommend contacting the customer service of the delivery company you used. Our managers can also help – contact us via email. We can either help you to track the parcel, or reship the product free for charge, or give you a refund. Please, note that large orders (over 120 pills) are sent in 2 different shipments that may not arrive on the same day. Besides, Generic and Brand name medications are also sent separately, and will not arrive on the same day either.

What if I don’t know the exact optimal drug dosage for me?

You can either consult your doctor or our assistants – they will give recommendations about the recommended type of medication and its dosages. All is taken into consideration – your age, general health, and well-being, concomitant diseases, etc.

What’s the difference between generic drugs and original brand medications?

Generic drugs are made with the same ingredients as brand ones – they have 100% identical contents. However, generics are produced in different facilities and are 20-40% cheaper than their prototypes. This way, users don’t have to overpay for brand only. Besides, most generics are available in different dosages and package sizes.

Does my personal information stay confidential?

Yes, My Canadian Pharmacy guarantees that your address, login and payment credentials stay private. We do not disclose the information about our clients to any third parties and do not sell it to marketing/advertising agencies. We respect our customers’ confidentiality and anonymity, that’s why we send the parcels in discreet packages without any details about the outside of the box.

Can I return my order? In which cases is it possible, and what are the date limitations?

You have the right to return your order in the following cases:

  • The package has been damaged.
  • The parcel contains now what you ordered.
  • The parcel was delivered after the due date or didn’t arrive at all.
  • You’re not satisfied with the effect of the products.

You can send the parcel back in 30 days (we provide the shipping address upon request). Please, double-check the address before placing your order. If you haven’t received the parcel due to the incorrect shipping address you provided, no refunds would be given. You can cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering or it has not been sent yet. To cancel the order, contact the managers of My Canadian Pharmacy via feedback support service, live chat or phone.

How can I track the order status?

The possibility of order tracking depends on the country where it is being delivered. You may check the order status by:

  • contacting our support team;
  • going to the delivery service website through option Order Status.

What should I do, if the received product is damaged?

If your parcel has been damaged, we can either resent the parcel for free or refund you after receiving the damaged items back.

What should I do if I haven’t found a certain product on your website, or I need some certain product?

If you cannot find the necessary product via search tool or in the product categories, you can contact our customer support service – we will provide you with the information about the products we have. Our assistants may offer you an equivalent, especially if you need an ED (erectile dysfunction) medication.

Which payment methods do you have?

My Canadian Pharmacy accepts the credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, and E-Checks.

How much time does the shipping take?

It depends on the delivery service you select:

  • EMS delivery (Express with Online Tracking) – takes about 5-9 days from the date that the order is sent out with the deadline of 14 days. The tracking code is provided as soon as the orders are dispatched.
  • Standard (Registered AirMail delivery) – takes about 14-21 days from the date that the order is sent out with the deadline of 30 days. Orders are left in the client’s mailbox and cannot be tracked.

Please, note that the orders placed on the weekend are processed on Monday. They are NOT processed on Saturdays and Sundays. As soon as the order is verified, approved and shipped you will be notified via Email.