My Canadian Pharmacy Birthday: We Turn 15! Our History In Milestones

Dear customers, today we invite you to share a happy event with us – our pharmacy turns 15! We would like to share the most memorable moments of our journey with you, and of course, offer you to partake of our festive discounts – saving with us is a piece of cake!

My Canadian Pharmacy Birthday

Bricks to clicks: My Canadian Pharmacy

Some of us might know that our company was born in Ontario as a relatively small walk-in drugstore that could beat the competition hands down. Rewind a few years back to late 90s, by 2003 we had already known that the ceiling of our brick-and-mortar hearth and home could not hold us any longer.

The managerial crew faced a dilemma of trying their hand at expanding to a pharmacy chain or going online, and you can understand which way the story had gone!

Reasons to become an online drugstore

So what tipped the scales in favor of becoming an online pharmacy?

The following reasons looked like being good grounds for starting up an e-store:

  • online stores operational costs are considerably lower
  • internationally expanded customer base
  • excellence in customer services
  • improved informational services
  • reduced cost of drugs

These benefits of being an online pharmacy patently gave us the new direction we have been following ever since.

2005-2008: E-pharmacy trend on the rise

During the next five years following our going online, our company has undergone several considerable qualitative and quantitative changes. Our inventory has become significantly bigger, and so did our customer database. We worked out our own way of finding the best suppliers and manufacturers of drugs, which helped us to gain a reputation of an e-pharmacy with the best quality to price ratio.

By that time, many other online pharmacies sprung into existence, which made competition tougher on one hand – but on the other hand, it made us better our bests, consistently improving the products we offer and services we provide. It was then that our main specialty – men’s health drugs and their generic at the most competitive price on the Internet. It was also during this time that we added such signature services as free delivery, bonus pills with every order and shipping insurance.


My Canadian Pharmacy undergoes a qualitative change, altering the web page design and adding new payment methods, while steadily improving our services with an influx of new technologies. Also, during these years we intensely focused on expanded our informational database through an elaborate information supply chain.


E-pharmacy trend on the rise

My Canadian Pharmacy continues to grow and expand, providing new tools for saving and getting updated on the most important things in healthcare, medicine and pharmacology. We find new ways to make your savings bigger and delivery times shorter. We improve the connection between customers and support representatives.

As of recently, we added the feature of individual discount on request – customers with big shopping plans can now send their requests for a tailored discount of whooping 30%! And we do not plan to stop at that. Keep on following the our news to learn about other exciting tools we develop to low-ball your pharmacy bills.

My Canadian Pharmacy: Healthy Birthday Discounts

To celebrate 15 years of our online work, we offer you to enjoy the discounts that we are distributing to guests and subscribers. At the main page of our official site you will find a coupon that will shave 10% off your order.

Enter the code at the checkout page and enjoy a considerably lower subtotal – MCPBIRTHDAY15

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