My Canadian Pharmacy: What Can You Buy At Our Family-Oriented Drugstore

My Canadian Pharmacy started in late 90s as a little family business catering for the entire family – we beg your pardon for the tautology. We transgressed to an online company in 2003, but we have retained our family-oriented values like no other online pharmacy out there.

What Can You Buy At Our Family-Oriented DrugstoreWhat kind of pharmacy products does a modern family need?

It may be practical and good to have a home pharmacy at your disposal. Then you can relieve various complaints directly or take care of wounds.

Here are some tips on what might be good at home – My Canadian Pharmacy always has these drugs on the list for the most attractive prices:

  • Tweezers.
  • Plaster, compressor and tape to attach compressors. There are different patches depending on the type of wound.
  • Wound tape, for joining slipping wounds.
  • Elastic tying, like dressing or for swallowing twists.
  • Plaster against sore wounds.
  • Cold balsam and hydrocortisone cream, which can relieve lighter sunsets and insect bites.
  • Fever thermometer.
  • Nervous nasal spray or nasal drops, to treat occasional nasal congestion.
  • Analgesic and fever-reducing drugs. It may be good to have these medicines in liquid form or suppositories if you have children.
  • Fluid replacement may be good for younger children. The younger the child is, the easier the child receives a fluid shortage if they have gastric disease with vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Medical charcoal, to be used in poisoning. Always contact the Poison Information Center at phone number before using medical charcoal. Sometimes it may be inappropriate to use medical charcoal.

Important tips from My Canadian Pharmacy when it comes to drugs

There is a risk that drugs will grow old. Therefore, check the sustainability date of the drug regularly. The date of expiry is on the packaging. Submit old medicines and medicines not used for a pharmacy to be properly addressed. Some drugs may be sensitive to moisture. Therefore, you should preferably not have the bathroom closet in the bathroom. Keep in mind that medicines that you have received on your prescription should not be used by anyone else. Always keep medicines so that no children reach them.

What medicines can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding? What should be considered in the treatment of children? In what way does the drug’s effect change in the body as you get older? This section contains information and instructions on the treatment of people in different stages of life.

Self-proprietary preparations are only intended for temporary treatment and short-term use. Permanent pain, pain that is aggravated or frequent recurring pain should be treated by a doctor. Then one can investigate the cause of the pain and get the best possible care.

Acetylsalicylic acid, ibuprofen and ketoprofen are anti-inflammatory medicines that are non-prescription. Paracetamol, which works in a different way, is also effective against aches and fever, but in some situations (such as menstrual pain) it may have less effect than antiinflammatory medications.

There are no significant differences in the effect or side effects of prescription drugs and self-care preparations. All anti-inflammatory medications relieve pain and lower fever to the same extent. The drug always affects the entire body – a medicine that has been taken against knee pain also helps against headache and cold symptoms.

You should not use multiple anti-inflammatory drugs or pain and cold medications at the same time. Since all anti-inflammatory medications act in the same way, the effect of the simultaneous use of different preparations does not increase. However, the risk of side effects increases.

The damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach or intestinal tract that anti-inflammatory drugs may cause is because the drugs reduce the amount of substances that protect the mucosa. The risk of serious damage increases when the dose of anti-inflammatory drug increases. Therefore, it is important not to exceed the recommended doses and not to use multiple medicines at the same time. Paracetamol is the most contraceptive medicine, because it works in a way other than the anti-inflammatory drug medication. The prescribed dose of paracetamol must not be exceeded as an overdose may lead to a serious liver injury.

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