Delivery Rules

For your convenience, you will be provided with all the information concerning the postage fee and shipping terms right in the check-out form. Yet, if you need more detail, please, read the guide below.

In general terms, the postage cost is calculated based on the sum of an order, the point of destination, and the shipping method chosen.

Standard airmailExpress courier service
 free for $300 orders
up to 30 days14–21 days
free shipping insurancefree shipping insurance
 choosing/adjusting delivery time and place

*availability of a method chosen depends on your country of residence



  1. Which countries do you ship to?

We operate worldwide, but the geography of courier delivery is limited.

  1. How much does the delivery cost?

The price may vary from $10 to $30, depending on the method.

  1. Can I get shipping for free?

Yes, if the sum of your order is $300 or more.

  1. Is your delivery safe?

Yes, we provide delivery insurance.

  1. When will my order arrive?

That will depend on the type of delivery. If you opt for standard airmail, you will need to wait up to 30 days. And, in case you decide to utilize courier service, you will get your products in 21 days at a maximum (as a rule ― quicker).

  1. Will you give me a tracking number?

Yes. We will provide it by email.

  1. How will you pack my order?

We will put it into a standard envelope, where we will specify your name and shipping address, nothing more. It will look like a normal letter. So, you can count on 100% confidentiality.

  1. Why is my order delayed?

The most probable reasons are holidays or customs bureaucracy. In any case, feel free to contact our support team 24/7 and ask for details.

  1. I’ve got my package, but 2 products are missing.

No reason to worry. It looks like your order was too big to be dispatched in a single package, thus, we had to separate it. Yet, to feel safe, please, get in touch with us.