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Human health and life are the most valuable things in the world. If you are healthy, you can achieve merely everything you want and will live a happy life. When a person is sick, he/she requires special medical care to be healthy again. Undoubtedly, the medical industry is of huge importance in every country. It provides people with medical preparations, which can help to treat merely all diseases and health deviations. However, the prices of some preparations are overly expensive. Thus, the Canadian government wants to reduce them. At first glance, this decision seems to be beneficial for customers. Nonetheless, the outcomes may be opposite to positive.

The price guidelines of the government make people anxious. We mean customers and drug companies. There is a huge risk that they will decrease the number of clinical trials and thus make important treatments inaccessible for people. My Canadian Pharmacy is an agency, which sets the maximal possible prices for pharmaceutical companies for new therapies. However, they are currently stopped until the next week and it may linger for longer. Many companies claim that they will leave the Canadian market because the reduction of prices will negatively reflect on their prosperity.

It will simply make no sense to invest in the market. Clinical trials cost a lot and companies may not cover the expenses for them if the prices for their preparations will be reduced. The new rules will come into force in January. That period may ignite a crisis in the country. Currently, the board bases the prices on other countries that have similar regulations as Canada. In other words, the prices are the same compared to foreign markets.

The new price guidelines will differ from the United States of America and Switzerland. We have mentioned these countries because pharmaceutical companies gladly invest in their markets. They offer the highest prices and it makes sense to provide them with all kinds of preparations. According to many experts, the new policy will negatively reflect on the Canadian market. Novel medications will simply avoid it because there will be almost no chance to earn some income.

New treatments are crucial for people and may positively change their lives. Nonetheless, a new tendency is terrifying. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved 54 drugs in 2019. Only 15 of those drugs were approved in Mycanadianpharmacy. Such a miserable number is related to the price reduction. It’s threatening and disappointing at the same time. Some people proposed to delay the reduction until the pandemic of Covid-19 passes away. Thus, companies will not have to split their focus. However, nobody is sure that the Canadian government will listen to that proposal.

Many experts think that new price tendencies simply send the wrong signal to drug companies. The reforms must be reworked somehow. Otherwise, Canada will surely lose many potential manufacturers and health providers.

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