My Canadian Pharmacy Described In Facts And Advantages

My Canadian Pharmacy has been around for more than 15 years – in the industry of sprinters and here-today-gone-tomorrow type of e-stores, this is quite a lifetime, with a history to impress. What started as a small pharmacy shop in Ontario early in the aughts has grown to become a phenomenon that is almost proverbial, and arguably the most popular destination for international customers to buy men’s health and other drugs, saving time, money and efforts.

My Canadian Pharmacy Benefits: Why Customers Choose Us, Internationally

There is no mystery behind the popularity of our brand which shows no signs of waning: roughly, it can be summed up under (but far from being limited to!) the following ten benefits:

  • Cheap drugs, well below the average in other online drugstores
  • Skilled professionals providing full customer service
  • An effective system of discount / sale / hot deal alerts
  • Excellent safety. Zero risks of personal / payment information theft
  • Good and knowledgeable staff who provide good advice
  • A thoroughly assorted range of drugs
  • The best men’s health solutions available at competitive prices
  • Time-accurate, budget-friendly shipping and delivery
  • Special bonus offer: 4 free pills with every order
  • Substantial informational support: medicine & healthcare news, reviews and advice

My Canadian Pharmacy: Happy Customers Since 2003!

Our company prides itself on its history that goes back to the year 2003. We have seen many drugstores come and go, like a flash in a pan, and continued to be a marathoner in the business of delivering the best drugs money can buy – for very little money! This direct-to-consumer line focused on considered basics was our claim to fame – and it proved to be the best recipe for success, since now 15 years later, we are still going strong and offering the best services in the industry.

A lot has changed since the time we started, both around us and inside our pharmacy store, but the way we run our business with the thought that customers come first remains unchanged. Here is how we can help you today, tomorrow and any other day you pick to improve your health with qualitatively better products and services:

  • Finding and bringing together best drug deals of the Internet
  • Providing valuable information and practical guides on drugs and health
  • Assisting you in finding discount codes and coupons
  • Acting as a middleman negotiation individual discounts with suppliers
  • Providing health consultations online (strictly for the informational purposes, and not to be relied on as a substitution for an actual physical examination by licensed practitioner)
  • Helping you receive your medications fast & safe with shipping insurance
  • Providing informational service via email, sending out promotion alerts
  • Protecting your personal and payment information with the most reliable Web page encryption

Men’s Health: Our Priority & Signature Product Range

Although here on the pages of our e-store you can find any type of drug for every sort of condition, the specialty of our drugstore is Men’s Health and everything revolving around it. We don’t mean only pills: you will discover entire section and countless pages dedicated to the latest research materials, surveys, articles written by authorized experts in the field and tips by world’s leading specialist in the treatment of male diseases.

Erectile problems, hair loss, sexually transmitted diseases, testosterone deficiency and incontinence are just a few of the problems that fall within the category of Male Health. It has been scientifically proven that the quality of life drops significantly in men who suffer from erectile problems. Erectile dysfunction is a common side effect in men who have undergone surgery or radiotherapy of the prostate, but unfortunately, these are not the only causes of this widespread disease. Erection problems can therefore arise as a result of a wide range of diseases. Often, multiple factors play in simultaneously. Erection is conditioned by a complicated interaction between nervous system, vascular system, hormone influence and psychogenic mechanisms. To get an erection, a normal function of the blood vessels is required that supplies the swelling bodies and the nervous system that regulates the functions, including the psyche. The hormone balance in the body must also be well functioning.

The drugs that you will find listed at our pharmacy help treat erectile dysfunction (ED) of different genesis, nature and advancement. But ED is not the only condition we have the pills for: premature ejaculation (PE), low testosterone, weak libido, STDs and prostate drugs are all available in high quality and ample choice at out e-store. Drugs that are often considered ‘lifestyle drugs’ and therefore are tagged with extravagant prices cost but a fraction of what they are charged for at My Canadian Pharmacy. Equal options for the treatment of both males and females is our idea, and this philosophy has solid scientific grounds: drugs for sexual diseases should not be considered optional, since deterioration of life quality in men affected by ED, PE and other conditions is measurable and proven in course of multiple studies. Inability to have a fulfilling and satisfying sexual life can affect general health of the patient and even cause concomitant health problems.

Here is the list of our bestsellers in the section of Men’s Health medications – customers from different parts of the world order them consistently, invariably leaving positive feedback and coming for refills on repeat. Brief sum-up of every pill is included for you to have an instant understanding of what the drug is, how it acts, the way it is used, its effects, contraindications and interactions with other pharmacological substances – all of its basic pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties.

Quick erectile dysfunction pills guide

Viagra Sildenafil Citrate
Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)
60 minutes after intake with water
4 hours after the effect set in
50mg recomended dose
Heart, kidney, liver
and certain eye diseases
A few glasses of wine,
or one shot of hard drink
Viagra + Sildenafil Citrate
Viagra Plus (Sildenafil Citrate)
60 minutes after intake with water
6 hours after the effect set in
100mg recomended dose
Heart, kidney, liver
and certain eye diseases
A few glasses of wine,
or one shot of hard drink
Cialis Tadalafil
Cialis (Tadalafil)
30 minutes after intake with water
36 hours after the effect set in
10mg recomended dose
Heart, kidney, liver
and certain eye diseases
Full alcohol compatibility
Levitra Vardenafil
Levitra (Vardenafil)
60 minutes after intake with water
4 hours after the effect set in
20mg recomended dose
Heart, kidney, liver
and certain eye diseases
A few glasses of wine,
or one shot of hard drink
Onset time
Effect duration
Recomended dose
Interaction with alcohol
Important Information To Keep In Mind

All ED drugs belong to the class of legend, or prescription medicines. Their use should be approved by a licensed member of medical board, and so does any adjustment in the dose or posology. Failure to comply with this condition, as well as failure to follow manufacturer’s instruction with accuracy and consistency can result in serious risks for your health.

With this said, you should also consider certain lifestyle changes that will improve your sexual health. Such changes applied consistently over the time will boost your erectile ability, and in certain cases even eliminate the need to resort to pharmaceutical aid. Consider going lighter on alcohol or total abstinence, depending on the severity of your ED, eating a healthy diet, maintain a balanced regimen of work and rest, adopt a habit of working out regularly – even walking more will bring positive change to your condition.

Top 5 Lifehacks On Ordering Meds Online From My Canadian Pharmacy Support Group

Few things are as important as your health, but your integrity online matters, too. Our experts dish out their best tips on how to protect your sensitive information and payment details when you are placing orders online, and how to spot a provider of drugs of the best quality.

  1. Look for pharmacies with resonant names – the ones that have been around for a while and have had time to generate positive feedback among real customers. Referral sites are a great way to land such spots.
  2. Ask people you know to refer you to a tried and true online drugstore. There is no better way to tell an e-commerce player is bona fide than by word of (trusted) mouth.
  3. Before falling for a price that is too low to reflect a good drug’s quality, remember that it must be exactly so. Opt for a lower side of moderate to bag a pharmaceutical product of excellent quality. The idea is that more extravagantly priced items do not get any better as of certain (medium) price level.
  4. Look before you leap: make sure the site area where you are requested to share your personal details is protected. Look for ‘http’ in the address field or a padlock in the upper right corner of the website’s page.
  5. Remember that high price does not always implicate high quality. With drugs, it is only a sign of a resonant brand name behind production of the substance you can buy at a price that is up to ten times less.

Get Free Coupons At My Canadian Pharmacy

We do not stop at offering the most competitive prices in the industry: actually, we continuously step up our savings game. Want to learn how we do that? There are stocks of generic Viagra and other pills that go undemanded with most of suppliers, and the supplier is faced with the choice of either not meeting their quota for a certain period of time, let us say, a week, or letting their prices nose-dive. We have an entire department of staff members monitoring the best drug manufacturers so that when they are ripe to low-ball their prices, we are there to pick them and send you a discount coupon alert.

The best deals from the entire Web become available to the customers of our pharmacy in this way: you will have access to crème de la crème of the offers we corralled for you. In order for you to access them in the most convenient way, we generate discount codes. Such coupons can be found directly in your inbox if you are a registered subscriber to our newsletters, or on our website’s home page. Don’t forget to scan our main page for your coupon code on the most popular drugs – or your entire order!

Alternatively, request a custom-made discount code for your entire order. Contact our customer support with the list of what you plan to buy, and walk away with your personal discount code generated especially for you. Shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy only gets better as you go!