My Canadian Pharmacy Virtual Inventory: What Is This Major Savings Tool About?

Inventory is a document that reflects every drug and healthcare product on the pharmacy list of item; it is also the process of accounting for every product on the list. Thanks to our fifteen years of experience, we have learned that having a virtual inventory results in major reduction of operational costs for our pharmacy, which means that we have a freer hand at reducing the prices for our ware – for the ultimate benefit of our customers!

My Canadian Pharmacy Virtual InventoryInventory Management: Minimal Cost, Maximal Efficiency

The correct management of the warehouse is among the most critical operations regarding the management of the pharmacy. It is essential to have the correct information, updated in real time, useful for the appropriate assessments during purchases or sales, in dealings with your sales advisor in order to update the items in the financial statements, or in the case of acquisition / sale of the pharmacy.

The inventory should be done annually, however given the costs and the organization required, it is advisable to do so whenever there are strong inconsistencies between the stocks indicated in the management software and real stocks of the warehouse.

Having a remote (virtual) inventory, My Canadian Pharmacy is outsourcing the following service:

  • Data collection with fixed and portable optical readers
  • Creation of personal data of the products not present in the archive
  • Processing on IT support
  • Inventory data update
  • Inventory processing at cost
  • Subsequent elaborations
  • Provision of all the equipment necessary for data collection
  • Qualified personnel for data collection

We also produce a complete print of the inventory with a summary of the sales price of the various product subdivisions as well as divided by the I.V.A rate, in addition, a digital copy of the updated warehouse will be issued after the inventory operations. After the inventory operations, the personnel carries out random checks, assisted by the pharmacist, on the inventoried products in order to verify the accuracy of the processing made of the data collected.

With the experience accumulated over the years we have proceeded to standardize the quality procedures to obtain the best result in terms of accuracy and reliability of the survey at minimal cost.

This is how we manage technical warehouse tasks

Whenever we need to relocate our warehouse, we employ logistic support. Logistical support for the transfer or restructuring of the pharmacy provides for the boxing of the goods and their relocation at the end of the works. For the same problems we are capable to perform layout design, shelf adjustment, product pricing, sorting by expiry, shelf mapping.

We always move with outsourced technical means and for data processing we interface with the computer archives of our pharmacy without any obstacles. Our aim is to always have an up-to-date copy of the previous stocks and to be able to reprocess the deviation analyzes before the end of the intervention. For the other product sectors we make use of the direct collaboration of the software houses in order to use the customer archive customizations.

The type of work proposed is not invasive. Our silent and discreet operators know how to move without creating inconveniences and above all leaving the goods exactly where they find it. For this reason, often, when the individual requests allow it, we can make inventories even when open, leaving the weekly rest periods unchanged. In exceptional cases, in the face of special shifts or specific needs, we are able to organize work even in the evening and at night.


With a view to efficiency and better operational management, inventory in pharmacies is an indispensable and rather costly operation when carried out in-house. By having a virtual inventory, we manage to minimize the expenditures and investments that invariably affect the price of drugs on the shelves of brick-and-mortar pharmacies. This is why it is always a more economical solution to shop for drugs online, given the possibility. At My Canadian Pharmacy, you will enjoy this and many more benefits.