Key Terms and Conditions To Memorize And Follow

This page is meant for all the users and visitors of our source. It is aimed at explaining to you the key principles of how we work and treat our users and what kind of behavior we expect (and demand) in response.

Reading it up to the end is your primary responsibility. You must not skip it. You are not allowed to proceed reading any of our materials or utilize any of our services if you fail to familiarize yourself with our rules. Another critical point ― as our user you must fully agree with all the terms described below without any objections. Otherwise, we will have to ask you to leave our platform. In case you decide to stay, it will be perceived as your agreement to stick to all the conditions.

  1. All the content, which can be found on this website, is subject to copyright. We offer our users access to it, however, we do not assign them any rights to it. Our materials are provided for self-education purely so that you can learn lots of new handy information about how to take care of your health at the highest efficiency. Thus, you must not try to copy them, make any alterations, or utilize them for any business purposes without getting permission from our administration beforehand.
  2. Our articles, descriptions, reviews, guides, and other content must not be treated as medical advice or instructions. Again, our website is just a source of additional information about possible health issues and corresponding effective solutions, as well as good health maintenance. It is created for educational purposes. Our materials are quite comprehensive, but they are not an alternative to an actual consultation with your doctor. Hence, you must not base any decisions on them. If you suspect any health problems, you must always contact your healthcare provider for qualified recommendations. Yet, we hope that, after reading our articles, you will feel more confident during the consultation, and it will be easier for you to understand your doctor.
  3. We cannot guarantee that all the information published by us is fully accurate or error-free. Thus, we shall not bear any form of responsibility for any mistakes, omissions, aged data, or any kind of harm, damage, or losses, which may be associated with them. However, if you see any kind of inaccuracy on our source, you are welcome to inform us about it.
  4. We cannot and shall not try to control any third-party companies or sources. When viewing our content, you may come across links leading to outside sources. Still, we do not have any influence over any third-party websites, so we must warn you that following any of such links may lead to viral infection, disclosure of your private data, or other risks. If you decide to click on any of them, you must be ready to bear all the consequences yourself.
  5. We cannot influence or guarantee the quality or safety of the products distributed via our platform. We understand all the risks associated with the use of medications. Thus, we collaborate with proven producers and suppliers exclusively. Yet, we refuse any liability related to side effects or other health issues caused by the use of our goods. That goes beyond our competence and responsibility. In such cases, we recommend you get in touch with the corresponding manufacturer or authority. Also, to minimize risks, you must always stick to the recommendations provided by your doctor and must never change the dosage or the treatment prescribed without prior medical advice.
  6. Again, you are obliged to agree and comply with all the rules described above. If we see that you break any of the terms specified, we will have the full right to prohibit you from accessing any of our services.
  7. Mind that there is a probability that we will decide to change some of these terms based on our business interests, legal reasons, etc. Hence, we insist that you must check them for any updates on a regular basis. All the possible alterations will come into force 30 days after their publication.

For further explanations and clarifications, please, get in touch with our support team at any time 24/7.