Your Personal HealthCare Manager in My Canadian Pharmacy

With My Canadian Pharmacy, you can get the support, treatment or education you need online. For example, it may be a treatment program that includes exercises that you do yourself. The treatment program may include reading texts, answering questions, watching movie clips, or listening to audio files. It may also include doing exercises. It varies between programs what’s included. You can do the exercises at home or in another place where it feels comfortable. How long it takes to go through a treatment program varies and depends on what type of program it is.

Your Personal HealthCare Manager in Canadian Pharmacy

How does it happen?

You are always in touch with your personal healthcare manager before the program starts. At the first contact with the therapist, you will be told about your inconvenience. Together you will review if online treatment is an option for you. If you find that it does not suit you, you will receive support, treatment or education in another way. In the course of treatment you have contact with your therapist. They can guide you through the content of the exercises, give you feedback and answer your questions.

There are many different types of support, treatment and online education programs. It is different between the county councils and the regions what is offered. Not all prescriptions and plans offer this kind of program.

How does this work?

1. Describe the inconvenience

Start your medical visit by signing in with your ID and answering any questions about you and your inconvenience. It only takes a few minutes. Please answer as carefully as possible to facilitate the doctor’s assessment.

2. The doctor will contact you

When done, your answers will be sent to one of our doctors who will read and make an initial assessment. Then the doctor will contact you via our chat, usually within the shortest timeframe.

3. Chat

You meet the doctor directly in your computer, tablet or phone in our chat. Here you will get a medical assessment, advice on treatment and prescription. If necessary, you can also send pictures that explain your symptoms better.

4. More help when needed

Sometimes sampling is required to make the right assessment or continued advice, and we will keep the chat open to you. If you need a survey or an examination, we will help you get in contact with any of healthcare centers in your vicinity.

We offer safe and secure healthcare

We offer safe and secure healthcare. Our doctors take full responsibility for your treatment, just like at a healthcare center. If your doctor estimates that you need a physical visit, you will be advised to book a visit with one of the nearest healthcare centers. The service gives you the same opportunity for safe diagnosis and treatment as physically visiting the health center.

Your journal is subject to professional secrecy and we comply with the laws and regulations of healthcare providers. Only authorized personnel who need access to your duties to perform their careers have permission to read your journal. If you want a journal printout, logout, block your journal or journal excerpt, contact our customer support.